Charity and volunteers
             Help in Crete & Greeece

We are a Greek non profit association made up of people from different countries who want to help children in need. We host free recuperative breaks for disadvantaged children, to make a positive difference to their everyday lives.We also support children in improving their present quality of life and their future prospects

"THE SMILE OF THE CHILD" is a non-profit voluntary Organisation. It is based on sentiment and emotions but it goes beyond that and turns everything it represents into actions. As its main objective, the Organisation deals with the daily problems children encounter.

The Organisation’s main concern is defending children's rights, not just on paper but in practice as well, providing services to children on a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year-basis, working for their physical, mental, and psychological stability

The church of Saint Nicholas in Chania .

The priest Manolis started 45 years ago with this organized collection of daily long life food such as pasta Rice - canned milk where  there is great need for the many children and also the elderly who drink milk daily. Every day various foods are given to about 35 families in the area.

How to help the  saint Nicholas church? Clothes and shoes  and toys for children in reasonable condition  and long life food products including milk can be delivered to the office opposite the church.Also money donations is possible at the office in return for a legal receipt of the amount.

Refunds are not given for these subsidies from the Greek Orthodox seat or from the public but only





Next to the church "The little virgin mary church" (Kyria ton Angelon ") is prepared a meal for the poor children each day.If any leftovers the food is given to families in the area also.

How can you help?

You can support the church by giving food  rice -spaghetti -meat  or infant / child clothes / toys weekdays between 9:00 to 11:00 at the entrance.Money  can of course also be donated and  a receipt is given for the amount.

The church is located at N Foka street and Thesalonikis street (west of Rimondo Fountain

BOROUME is a non-profit organisation that fights food waste by organizing the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece.Through our “We Are Family” program we provide nutritional support in an immediate, transparent und dignified way to families in great need.

Our vision is to develop a social movement to reduce food waste and at the same time increase nutritional support to people in need based on volunteer support.

Our Mission

IOCC, in the spirit of Christ’s love, offers emergency relief and development programs to those in need worldwide, without discrimination, and strengthens the capacity of the Orthodox Church to so respond.


We envision that, by God’s grace, IOCC will respond, without discrimination, to those who are suffering and in need, to enable them to continue to improve their own lives and communities and to have means to live with dignity, respect and hope.

A Drop in the Ocean aims to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees. Our main focus is to help children and their mothers arriving in Europe by coordinating volunteers and by collecting the necessary equipment and financial support. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015 and since then we have sent over 1,600 volunteers to Greece, where aid is needed the most.


To expand rescue work through the shelters we support

To provide needy animals with necessary treatment and care

To rehome as many animals as possible

To fund spay and neuter projects

To advance public education of animal welfare.

Cretan Cat-a-list is an established charity providing a vital role in animal welfare within the Rethymno region of Crete, Greece.

Since 1983, the primary objective of ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece has been to protect the sea turtles and their habitats in Greece through monitoring and research, developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration, raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured turtles.

 Vi er en lille forening bestående af dyrevenner, som er blevet til for at hjælpe herreløse hunde på ferieøen Kreta

Sitia Animal Rescue is a non profit organisation, run purely on donations and by volunteers. It was set up to care for all animals in Eastern Crete, both domesticated animals and those in the wild. We rescue abandoned and abused animals, help them heal and find them new adoptive forever homes, we also care for the dogs and cats which live on the streets and are not capable of being re-homed.