To Humans it was given and 
it is its nature.
with its consideration,
All things to messure.

The eyes can not see the
distance of a place,
But in truth,the mind of Humans,
Narrows the space.

The elements of Time,
of rest have none,
In good and bad,
they walk and run.

(Mantinades/poetry of philosophy from Erotokritos)

This website has for years been a Danish website with inspiration and recommendations for holidaymakers in Crete and has always been from my personal desire to inspire with my deep admiration respect and love for especially cultural traditions -history -nature and inhabitants.
During the many years I have lived in Crete, the cultural traditions of the past has influenced my inspirations on this website, and which can be a enrichment of also the present time and which can still be experienced many places in Crete.
Especially also in the world of philosophy and culture, which has a lifelong special interest to me -  because some of these, inspire me to think -see-understand life  in a different way and without limitations of nationality differences  -or anyhow differences in today's humanity.
So  I'm not trying to convince anyone of a particular way to experience Crete, but only as an inspiration to the individual freedom.And this is the way of understanding my intentions of love and respect and from what this website has been created.
A creation from a person like me, that have a deep sensitivity to all natural forces of creations of both nature -animals-insects and human beings, and I have a inner love and respect to  these creations.
Also culture and philosophy are my ways of trying to understand and learn about the mystery of the spirituel and human beings in a life and world with  sometimes differences of how we see and understand the same.

So welcome to a still new website under construction and now also in English.

Karen Helsted.

                        Karen Helsted