Nature of Herbs/Plants

    Nature of Herbs/Plants 

                      With deep love and respect to the traditions of past and present time

This is not a company as usually you can meet, but is a mixture of passion, love and much respect to the planet and all creatures live on her.

Long before, having finished studies about psychology, and learning about the emotional body of the humans, I had the strong wish to find ways for healing without using chemicals.  Through different alternative methods, like the colours, painting, music, psychodrama, went little by little to the roots, what people used to use in old time. And after to older time arriving to Hyppocrates, Aesculapius, Dioscurides and examining the similarities between different countries and civilisations about the use of herbal remedies, the conclusion was, that nature offers on every place what is necessary to heal different situations and diseases.

We choose abundant populations of our herbs, situated in remote areas with a minimum chance of pollution, and all harvesting is done by hand.

We try to do our best to work and live with a holistic approach, a living, dynamic and all-embracing approach both to human- but also to plant nature.

Then there is something special about essential, etherical oils, which somehow relates to the spirit, the spiritual energy as well. Spiritual energy is strongest in free and healthy plants, which are allowed to express their individuality just like it is in us human beings.

A visit our beautiful four-acre (13.000m²) medicinal herb gardens, especially in spring and summer. When you enter the garden gate, especially from April to September, you will find yourself immersed in a peaceful and magical garden, filled with aromatic herbs and medicinal herbs. Over 300 common and unusual medicinal herbs grow in Maravel garden. Intermingled with the herbs are a variety of flowering trees and annual and perennial flowers that feed the pollinators.

Visitors may purchase herbal remedies in our shop after touring the gardens.

Experiencing the beauty of our gardens is in itself an uplifting experience.