To Humans it was given and 
it is its nature.
with its consideration,
All things to messure.

The eyes can not see the
distance of a place,
But in truth,the mind of Humans,
Narrows the space.

The elements of Time,
of rest have none,
In good and bad,
they walk and run.

(Mantinades/poetry of philosophy from Erotokritos)

 This website has for years been a Danish website with inspirations and recommendations to holiday makers on the Island Crete and has always been from my personal wish of inspire with my deep admiration respect and love to the culture-traditions -historie -nature and the inhabitants.
During the many years I have lived in Crete I have realized even more ,that my true and strongest adminiration love and respect has been of the past traditions and that can be of deep inspiration and enrichment of present time.
Especially also within the world of philosophy, which have a lifelong special interest to me - because some, inspires me to think -see -understand life also  in a different way and without limitations of differences of nationalities -race -beliefs-age-or whatever differences of todays humanity.
So whatever understanding of this webpage by other people, I am not trying to convince any person of one specific way of understanding but an inspiration of the individuel freedom of self.
But if my inspiration of admideration,love and respect is not understood,then it is not from me or my intentions,but from other ways/people of understanding the same.

So welcome to a different and new webpage, now in also english and now a page that is not only about inspirations of holidays on Crete ( the origin word dinkretaferie is translated = yourcretanholliday) but will in the future be of yet unplanned unknown subjects within whatever Greek before and now, and will in a way still be from the word your holiday in Greek =.

διακοπες =a break from work or a smaller or bigger break from whatever routine. 

Karen Helsted january 2020.