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"Our relationship with all the things you are about to experience is not just on a professional level - but based on real affection"

"in 2004 we decided to create our "Cretan Olive Oil Farm" with the aim of breathing new life into the disappearing but valuable traditions"

Olive Oil Production (demonstration)

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Welcome to Meronas Cretan Music Workshops

Every year, in the Merona Amari, Rethymnon, the Cretan Music Workshop is hosted by the Cultural Association of the village.
The teachers of Cretan music and dances, share their knowledge and experiences with students from all over Greece and abroad.

The Musical Workshop “Labyrinth” was launched in 1982 by Ross Daly as a creative group of friends whose aim was that of exploring various modal musical traditions from around the world, as well as of the potential for creative interaction between them.

From that time onwards we organize every year, concentrated weekly music lessons, which focus primarily on the modal musical traditions of the world as concerts with the participation of outstanding teachers / musicians - the prime representatives of these traditions…

Labyrinth’s goal is the initiation of primarily young people into a creative approach to traditional musical idioms from various parts of the world. It is a meeting point for musicians and students and it is widely recognized as a leading force with respect to education, in the field of modal and traditional music in general.

The Museum of Greek folk music.

Just 15 km from Heraklion, at the historical village of Krousonas is located the Museum of Greek folk music, musical instruments, research and documentation with the characteristic name "THIRATHEN" ( thyrathen pedia = classical education education in Byzantium who had secular nature). In a renovated traditional house, where the sounds of nature pollinate the traditional instruments and spawn ever insuperable melodies, reserves to the visitor a trip to the charm of the music. One of the purposes of the museum is the local society's acquaintance with Greek traditional music in its entirety and its familiarity with the traditional instruments initial of the local ones, and then those of the neighbouring countries. The Museum's ambitions include the emergence of a cradle of culture through a variety of festivities and actions based on traditional music. An additional goal is the creation of the center for research and documentation of our musical tradition.

The Museum of Traditional musical Instruments Research and Documentation Thirathen, delivers musical instruments with worthy artists. At the same time, those participating in music lessons also attend free European and Byzantine Music lessons. For information registration and questions contact us

Verekinthos is the mountain where, according to mythology Idaioi Daktiloi – sons of Zeus and protectors of the Arts, once lived and were worshiped. They came to this mountain to teach age-old arts to men, such as Metallurgy, Pottery, Glassworks and Weaving.

Today, in the very same place we run silversmith’s and goldsmith’s as well workshops for ceramics, sculpture, glass making, hagiography, painting, leather, fabric and textile applications, wood working, decorative objects and traditional musical string instruments.

There are also workshops and classes for pottery, painting and fabric applications.

Karen Helsted

Activities Culture

                          With deep love and respect to the traditions of past and present time of Crete

Built with our own hands, this traditional stone-built shepherd shelter (Mitato) is located at 848m on a slope of the renowned Plisoritis mount. At the welcoming Shepherd’s Shelter, we are ready to share with you our passion for the distinct Cretan traditions and lifestyle.

A visit to the Shepherd’s Shelter offers a once in a life-time experience for every visitor. Depending on the season, you have the unique opportunity to view sheep milking, join the cheese making, experience the sheep shearing or participate in the fiesta of raki distillation. Join us for the collection of herbs and traditional cooking, and indulge yourself with the local delicacies and wine we offer.

In kamihis Farm you will have the chance to be a farmer for a day..the cretan way!

You will learn about the herbs and wild green, taste fruit from our trees, feed the animals, milk the sheep, and have a ride with Louiza the donkey! Learn and make cheese and traditional cretan pies fried on the trivet! Then relax with raki and delicacies hearing the natural farm sounds in a peaceful scenery!

Milia means “back to the basics”, a shelter you visit when you need rest and time for yourself and your beloved ones.

Milia fulfills our inner need “to escape”, even for a little while, from all the burdens. It offers a simple and humane living “curriculum”. It is an escapism that will redefine ourselves in a recreational place away from the crowds.

The spring water, the clean air, the mountain’s silence, the summer breeze, the starlit night sky, the delicious food and wine, and even the eco-structured approach of Milia, will provide the necessary serenity and will help you recharge your biological batteries.

Milia is deeply engraved in the memory of our visitors due to the plethora and variety of characteristics. Many have described their staying as a time travel into the past.Also guided hiking -cooking seminars etc.

Experience the authentic Crete

If you want to discover the most beautiful landscapes along with authentic culture experiences...

If you see traveling as a way to conquer new tastes and expand your knowledge of local gastronomy...

If you are interested in exploring the unique natural environment and learn about the myths, the stories and the legends that surround it...

If you are fascinated by the idea of being privy to the small cultural secrets of local communities...

then... Enagron Ecotourism Village!

Add a special element to your own holiday in Crete by joining one of our workshops.

Join us for a late afternoon Greek cookery workshop and stay on into the evening to enjoy the results of your hard work. Or come with us on one of our foodie excursions and discover more about the local produce. Explore natural cosmetics, beekeeping, cheesemaking and many more.